Our Directory

 Central Georgia District

    Address:  803 Village Circle, Dublin, GA  31021






  • Loose and Bind Ministries C.O.G.B.F

        209 Hamilton Street

        P.O. Box 4595 (Mailing Address)

        Dublin, Georgia 31040

        Telephone: 478-272-2188

        Fax: 478-272-2860

        Superintendent Elder Charlie C. Smith and District First Lady Zellene Smith



  • Blood Covenant C.O.G.B.F.

        220 Commerce Street

        P.O. Box 147 (Mailing Address)

        Hawkinsville, Georgia 31036

        Telephone: 478-892-2500

        Fax: 478-787-1903

        Pastor Elder Cannie Lester and First Lady Patricia Lester



  • Roberta C.O.G.B.F.

        520 N. Duggar Avenue

        P.O. Box 1137 (Mailing Address)

        Roberta, Georgia 31078

        Telephone: 478-836-9638

        Pastor Elder Alan Sampson and First Lady Annie Katherine Sampson



  • Oglethorpe C.O.G.B.F.

        927 Pond Church Road

        Oglethorpe, Georgia 31068

       423 Haddenham Ct (Mailing Address)

        Perry, Georgia 31069

        Telephone: 478-472-5075

        Fax: 478-845-4117

        Pastor Elder Stacey D.Grady Sr. and  Min. Laquanda Grady  



  • Abbeville C.O.G.B.F.

        Route 2 Sibbie Road

        P.O. Box 365 (Mailing Address)

        Abbeville, Georgia 31001

        Telephone: 229-467-2837

        Pastor Elder Leroy Sampson and First Lady Eugenia Sampson 



  • Saints In Praise Ministries C.O.G.B.F.

        406 Boy Scout Road

        P.O. Box 291 (Mailing Address)

        Byron, Georgia 31008

        Telephone: 478-956-2301

        Fax: 478-956-1785

        Pastor Elder Wallace Porter, Jr. and First Lady Cynthia Renae Porter



  • Cochran C.O.G.B.F.

        243 Ash Street

        P.O. Box 769 (Mailing Address)

        Cochran, Georgia 31014

        Telephone: 478-934-7936

        Pastor Elder Calvin Howard and First Lady Geraldine Howard 



  • Passover Temple C.O.G.B.F.

        503 S. Pleasant Hill Road

        P.O. Box 10493 (Mailing Address)

        Warner Robins, Georgia 31088

        Telephone: 478-225-2335

        Pastor Elder Randy King and First Lady Lisa King 



  • Faith Babies Ministries C.O.G.B.F.

        2044 S. Hwy 49

        P.O. Box 805 (Mailing Address)

        Fort Valley, Georgia 31030

        Telephone: 478-827-0110

        Fax: 478-827-0110

        Pastor Elder Bruce Mackey and First Lady Katrice Mackey 



  • Rochelle C.O.G.B.F.

        Rochelle, Georgia 31079

        Pastor Elder Cleveland Paul and First Lady Dianne Paul